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Warranty Policy

To offer you a pleased shopping experience shall be always the commitment of CarbonBeam. For every product, CarbonBeam offers warranty for replacement and refund, covering defects both in material and manufacturing technique from the date when the product is delivered on your hands. Every product from solobicycle has its own warranty period posted in the column of "Basic" on each product page. Please make sure the warranty does not expire before submitting your claim.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please follow the instructions below to submit a claim.

 - Replacement 

 - Return or exchange

 - Refund



Should your purchase is found to be defective in manufacturing technique, within the warranty period and after prudent inspection on the defects, you are entitled to ask for replacement of the defective product with a good one of the same specifications or in the equivalent value in accordance with the purchased price. However, if the model you purchased is not available or no longer listed on the website when the claim is submitted, a product in other model with the equivalent value would be provided.


This warranty shall be null and void if the product you purchased was:

 - Damaged by accidental events, abuse, negligence or other causes irrelevant to the latent defects of the products

 - Not used in compliance with the Usage Specifications;

 - Assembled or maintained improperly by an unauthorized technician.

You could make a claim for replacement by sending us an email via:, or call us on +86 18965179194 in the business hours for help.

When sending the email, the following information shall be attached:

A. The order number of the defective product;

B. The item number of the defective product and its specifications such as weave, finish, spoke holes;

C. Photos or videos clearly showing defect parts and the serial number of the product. P.S. the serial number usually locates in rim bed/channel.

D. Description of how long and often you have used the product, how you found the defect. More details would be highly appreciated.

Your claim would be processed within 24 hours. After the claim is submitted, we will let you know if the defective product needs to be returned to us or not, and the freight for returning shall be on carobnbeam’s account if it is the case.

Freight for new replaced product shall be borne by CarbonBeam if the claim is submitted not later than 7 days after the receipt of the product. Otherwise, the freight shall be on the account of the buyer.

Buyers who purchased products from our distributors or dealers listing on could also request for free replacement if the case satisfied the terms of warranty above. Should it be the case, proof of purchase from the distributors/dealers, such as receipts or emails, would also be necessary in addition to the information required above.



Should your purchase is found to be defective in manufacturing technique, or inconsistent with your expectations (including incorrect shipment and incorrect placement of orders), you could make a claim for return or exchange of the product. Return or exchange would not be guaranteed if the claim is submitted later than 7 days after receipt of the products.

To prepare return or exchange the product, please ensure:

A. The item(s) are new and have never been used, the warning stickers on item(s) and usage specification are not lost.

B. Your item(s) are properly packed in your original box or another box with the usage specification. If you use the original box, the labels on the box must be removed.

C. To login in your account on Carbonbeam official website: , and fill in the form of "Return" in your account. Write a reason for return as follows:

1) A defect is found in manufacturing technique;

2) The weave, finish, spoke holes count or other specification is not the same as purchased or agreed (please specify);

3) The real product is not what I expected;

4) I placed a wrong order in weave, finish, spoke holes count or other specification by myself and would like to return or exchange.

You could make a claim for return or exchange by sending us an email via: car, or call us at +86 18965179194 in the business hours for help.

Please do email us even if you've already submitted a request of returning item(s) on our website online. And please specify the reason for return in your email.

For reason 1) or 2) listed above, the claim for returning or exchange would be accepted and CARBONBEAM will undertake the freight of return product(s). 

More information collection relating to the bike sport as well as our products prior to your purchase would reduce the possibility for replacement/return/exchange. 



Customers of Carbonbeam could ask for cancelation of an order and request for a refund if the order is placed within 24hours and the purchase has not been shipped out, but 1% of the purchasing price as the factorage would be charged by CarbonBeam for each refund.

As for the payment made via PayPal, please contact us by email or by phone +86 18965179194 before filing a dispute on PayPal.